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Menorca Villas
Menorca Villas


Early booking discount of up To 25% for 2016 properties.

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Looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun? A chance for some peace, serenity – to slow down, chill out, do things at your pace, on your schedule? To savour the warmth on your skin or the sound of a crystal blue sea gently lapping over golden sands?

If any of this sounds like your kind of vacation, then Son Bou Holidays in Menorca might just be the perfect choice for you.
Peace and quiet are not often associated with holidays to the Balearic Islands where the popular resorts of Majorca and Ibiza positively buzz with frenetic 24 hour life. But Menorca, one of the 4 main islands of the Balearics, moves to a different, altogether more sedate beat.

And that, frankly is its real charm.

Menorca is a haven for lovers of scenic coastlines – from tiny curved coves, where the crystal waters of the Mediterranean gently laps against a crescent of golden sand beneath craggy, floral covered cliffs faces, to long expanses of soft, sandy beachfront, perfect for whiling away sultry days with a good book. Menorca’s main resorts are all based around the spectacular coastline that borders the entire island be it the long beach at Son Bou, the delightful bays of Cala Galdana, Cala’n’Bosch or others. And, although the emphasis is on the more serene side of things, that doesn’t mean they’re devoid of life with each resort offering charming cafes and restaurants and opportunities to savour the unique vibe that Menorca has to offer.

At Son Bou we’re able to provide the perfect Menorca holiday for you with a selection of fabulous, top quality villas throughout the island, whatever the size of your party. Villa holidays are the ideal way to truly capture the magic of this stunning Mediterranean island, affording you the opportunity to do things your way, at your pace, surrounded by all the comforts of home.

If you’re in search of a quiet, relaxed and sun-filled holiday by the beach then Son Bou in Menorca should be at the top of the your list.
With its long stretch of golden sandy beach and gentle swell of the aquamarine Med lapping at its shore Son Bou offers an idyllic island escape for beach lovers young and old. Lounge out and catch the rays in the relaxed atmosphere of the beach, kicking back with a good book; or maybe head to one of the many beach bars and cafes to sample a bottle of something cold and bite to eat. Perhaps you’re wanting to enjoy the refreshing cool of the sea, the calm waters perfect for swimming, the range of watersports activities available to tempt the more actively inclined.
Whatever your fancy, Son Bou makes for the perfect getaway, a place to recharge the batteries, indulge in some sun-filled fun and let your worries slope off into the sunset.

Call today for one of our expert consultants to advise you and make your perfect villa holiday in Menorca a stress-free reality.